Exam season is here! 

Do you feel overwhelmed, sick to your stomach, and even sleepless? Do you wonder how you'll make it through exam season?

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Managing stress begins on the first day of the semester. The right preparation and resources will help you survive your exams without losing it!

Start Preparing On Day 1

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  • If you receive a study guide from your professor, review it as soon as you get it. You can make your own if there isn't one available.

  • Recall from memory important points from each class within 24 hours — write, draw, or say them out loud.

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  • Use your notes and materials to check your accuracy and focus on what you missed from memory.

  • Find a study buddy or join/start a study group. Reviewing with classmates will help you see new perspectives and remember the material better.

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Manage Your Time

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  • Check your syllabus or ask professors if you have an actual exam, and note the date when it becomes available.

  • For any final papers, presentations, and projects, note their due dates and prepare an assignment schedule for the semester.

  • Set a study review schedule and find a quiet place to study.

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  • Keep procrastination at bay! Remember to write papers and finish projects early so you'll have enough time to study for exams.

  • You won't learn much from cramming, so waiting until the last minute to begin studying will mean poor exam scores.

  • Check exam times since they may be different than regular class times.

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Take Care Of Your Body And Your Mind

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  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated.

  • Practice self-care like yoga, meditation, exercise, or journaling.

  • Celebrate small victories like consistent studying by giving yourself a treat.

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  • Avoid late-night cramming! Start studying earlier so you'll be well-rested.

  • Beware of junk food, and stay away from caffeine, drugs, or alcohol to cope with stress.

  • If your schedule feels impossible, take breaks more often.

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Ask For Help Early And Often

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  • If you feel lost, ask for help right away. Your instructors and professors want you to succeed, so feel free to visit them during office hours.

  • Advocate for yourself! Ask specific questions to understand what’s expected of you.

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  • Take advantage of exam season campus programming! Seek help from a school counselor or tutoring center.

  • Look for academic or mental health help from your school’s resources.

  • Call a friend or family member if you need to talk.

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You're completely stressed about exam season and are having second thoughts about your choice of degree. What should you do?

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