When you know you need to finish a super important task, does this happen to you?

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Well this doesn't have to be your life! Read on to discover strategies to overcome your procrastination so you can start checking off that to-do list.

Just Start

Do something — anything — to get started.

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It’s easier to keep going with a task after you’ve overcome the initial hump of starting it in the first place. That’s because tasks that we procrastinate on are rarely as bad as we think.


Our phones are full of distractions: social media, emails, or texting with friends and family.

When you notice you're using your device to procrastinate, disconnect.

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Try putting your phone in another room or using an app that blocks access to distracting sites.

Have Realistic Goals

Focus on what you want to do, not what you want to avoid.

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Worrying about what others think will stress us out - it doesn't actually motivate us.

Focus on the benefits of completing the task - like how good you'll feel and what it will help you achieve.


Which of the following is a good motivator for you to pass your Human Anatomy class?

Break It Down

Break down big tasks into little ones.

Or spend short chunks of time on a big task. Do as much as you can in that time without expecting to totally finish it.

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Take Action

Procrastination starts in the mind, so think about WHY you're delaying in finishing something.

Then start with any of the strategies above to make serious progress on your to-do list.

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