Do you feel strongly about an issue at your university but don't know what to do to change it?

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If yes, then consider joining your student government to make a difference! Flaticon Icon

What Can You Do By Joining The Student Government?

  • Serve the entire student population at the university.

  • Represent the needs and concerns of all students.

  • Manage a wide range of events, programs, activities, programs & initiatives on campus.

  • Advocate for issues like college affordability, student-run services, voter registration, student rights & representation.

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A university student government represents (choose all that apply):

Benefits For You And Your Community

  • Make a difference in campus life

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Improve your organization and collaboration skills

  • Get experience in public speaking

  • Network with students, faculty, and staff

  • Gain opportunities for career development through internships, or jobs

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What Part Of The Student Government Can You Join?

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There are three branches:

  1. Executive — president, vice-president, and staff implement programs for the entire student body

  2. Legislative — senators of the student council represent colleges and departments; the council usually allocates funds and oversees clubs and organizations

  3. Judicial — interprets the constitution, enforces the constitution and bylaws

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Boards and Committees

  • These are smaller bodies that receive input from faculty, students, and staff

  • Focus on improving one segment of campus life

  • Allow students an opportunity to shape their university experience, share their ideas, and represent their peers

  • Examples: Student Health Advisory Board, Sustainability Advocacy, International Student Committee, Finance, and Facilities

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Discover Opportunities For Yourself

Take steps to identify how you can get involved in your student government.

  1. Contact the student government at your university and get more information about opportunities.

  2. Talk to students who are already involved with the government.

  3. Decide what would be thebest fit for you.

How Can You Join?

  • Check your university website to find out how you can apply to join.

  • Usually, any student in good academic and behavioral standing can join.

  • To join, you may be asked to submit your resume and statement of interest.

  • For most positions, you'll need to be elected.

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