Q: Are subject lines in emails really all that important?

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A: Yes! Absolutely!

Here are some stats to prove it:

  • Almost 50% of email recipients will decide if your email is worth opening based on the subject line alone.

  • Almost 70% will send it immediately to spam if the subject line looks too spammy.

Effective subject lines can make a difference!

Key Questions & Strategies

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When sending an email, keep in mind the recipient:

  • Who will read this email? Customer, coworker, stranger, etc.

  • Why are you sending this email? To share information? Or is action needed?

  • Do you need an urgent response? If yes, be clear.

  • Does the email seem like spam? Sales emails, unknown senders, not personal, etc.

According to some proven email marketing techniques:

  • Simple and short is best. You need to catch your recipient's attention in 7 seconds or less, so keep the subject between 35 and 50 characters.

And if you're actually sending a marketing email:

  • Questions can capture attention. Ask a question that addresses the recipient's needs: "Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift?"

  • Explain what's in it for the recipient. Make the recipient aware of the benefits they can get from opening the email: "15% Off All Skateboards!"

Example 1: Work Email

A woman says,

Response Needed by 4 pm — Budget Approval

Sender: an accountant to their client

Why is it effective?

  • Highlights action needed from the recipient

  • References the related project

  • Includes a sense of urgency

Example 2: Job Application

An email job application being sent.

Account Coordinator — Swiftshoes Ltd. — Ref # 34573 — Fatima Knight

Sender: job applicant to a recuiter

Why is it effective?

  • Clear and to the point

  • Makes it easy for the recipient to identify you

  • Includes requested information

Example 3: Marketing Email

A woman wearing glasses taps her watch.

🤓 Remember to renew your prescription? 2 weeks left!

Sender: an eyewear company to a customer with an expiring prescription

Why is it effective?

  • Directly relevant to the recipient's needs

  • Has an urgent but helpful and conversational tone

Take Action

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It is easy for your emails to be ignored, skimmed, lost, or accidentally deleted.

If you want don't want the recipient to treat our email like spam, remember to:


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