Is this your first time doing laundry? Do you share a laundry room with others in your dorm?

Have no can be a laundry superhero in no time!

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Plan Ahead

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A little planning will go a long way. To finish your laundry as quickly as possible, make sure to:

  • check you have laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, laundry sheets)

  • top up your student card to pay for the laundry machines

  • plan enough time to monitor and remove your clothes from the machines

Sort By Colour

Save your white clothes from turning pink by sorting and washing your colored clothes separately from your white clothes.

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  • Wash in cold water to prevent colors and dyes from bleeding

  • Further separate dark and light colours

  • Choose the shortest wash cycle

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  • Wash in hot water to clean tough stains and dirt

  • Use clothing-safe bleach

  • Choose a wash cycle for white clothes

Check The Laundry Symbols

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Laundry symbols on clothing tags are the best place to look for washing and drying instructions.

Take some time to understand the symbols to prevent damaging your clothes.

They include instructions on:

  • washing

  • bleaching

  • drying

  • ironing

Check out this ultimate laundry symbol cheat sheet.

It's Laundry Time! Are You Ready?

It's been a month since you moved into your dorm. You have a pile of laundry that is ready to be washed. While looking through the laundry tags, you see these symbols for your new sweater.

Which of the following laundry options would damage your sweater?

A: Dry on a clothes line

B: Wash in cold water

C: Dry on high heat

D: Do not add bleach

Laundry tag: wash inside out, machine wash cold gentle, do not bleach, tumble dry low gentle, save energy line dry


Which of the laundry options will damage your sweater?

Level Up Your Laundry Game

Try these quick tips to level up your laundry time!

  • Empty pockets of coins, pens, tissues, etc.

  • Use a mesh bag for delicate fabrics and knitwear

  • Turn your clothes inside out to prevent zippers and buttons from getting stuck

  • Check the machines for items left behind before putting your clothes in them

Man moving clothes from washer to dryer

Be Courteous

Cleaning out a lint trap

Remember, you're sharing the machines with others!

  • Remove your clothes from the machine on timeso that others may use it

  • Clean the lint traps after you use the machines

  • Wipe any detergent spills and remove dryer sheets

Take Action

And that's it! You're now ready for laundry day. Don't forget to:

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