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An email signature is like a digital business card.

Include one at end of an email to let people know who you are and how they can get in contact with you.

Benefits Of An Email Signature

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  • Gives a professional look to your email

  • Highlights branding elements like a logo and website URL

  • Gives many contact options for the recipient to reach you

  • Builds trust by allowing recipients to learn more about you

  • Can promote social media channels 

  • Creates a strong impression in the memory of the recipient after they read the email

  • Acts as supplementary information for possible employers

Common Elements

A sample email signature for a female marketing expert. Image courtesy of oxurra via Freepik

Include some of the information below:

  • First and Last Names 

  • Current job title

  • Company name

  • Phone number

  • Other contact information

  • Links to your social media, LinkedIn, website, Youtube channel, etc.

  • Your photo

  • Company or brand logo

  • Simple graphics and icons


Can an email signature include a quote, personal statement, and links to articles?

Making The Email Signature

There are many websites that help you create professional-looking email signatures from templates. Google "email signature generator" to find the most up-to-date templates that you can customize with a generator.

Below are some examples:

Examples of downloadable email signature templates. Image courtesy of Freepik

After making the email signature in the generator, use your email provider's settings to enter the signature into your email template. Check out the video links below for instructions for different email providers:

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