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A morning routine is a great way to add more self-care into your life!

A morning routine:

  • gets your day started off right 

  • helps you get into a positive state of mind so that you can handle whatever the day has in store for you

Are you ready to create your morning routine?

How Do I Benefit By Having A Morning Routine?

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Less stress. If you’re not rushing around, you can ease into your morning.

Increased productivity. It makes your day more successful. For example, it can give you the time to start tackling your to-do list.

Increased coping skills. Peaceful, centering activities give you mental strength, helping you deal with whatever life brings your way.

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Other benefits include:

  • Increased wellbeing. For example, drinking a glass of water first thing can lead to a healthier lifestyle as it becomes a habit.

  • More "me" time. Life is hectic, your schedule is busy, and you’ve got a thousand things on your to-do list. Early morning is a time when the world is quiet and you can reflect on your life.

  • Ability to reach your goals. You can break them into small manageable steps tackled bit by bit each morning.

One downside can be having to get up earlier. But there are so many more benefits!


What is one way you can benefit from having a morning routine?

What Kinds Of Activities Can Make Up My Morning Routine?

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If you like it and can fit it into your morning, go for it! Typical morning routine activities include:

  • Deep breathing

  • Meditation

  • Exercise

  • Stretching

  • Mindfulness

  • Learning a language

  • Writing poetry

  • Daily inspirational reading

  • Goal development

  • To-do list creation

  • Praying

  • Journaling

  • Visualizing success: Upcoming test? Important meeting? Visualize your perfect outcome.

  • Gratitude practice: What people, things, or experiences are you grateful for?

Flaticon Icon Meet Monique.  Monique enjoys a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercising.  She wants to become more self-reflective and get more in touch with her inner thoughts and feelings.


Which activities would be best for Monique's new morning routine?

How Do I Start My Morning Routine?

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It's simple.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your morning routine and create an activity list.

Incorporate the activities into your morning: What time do you normally get up? How much time do the activities require? Then determine your new AM rise time.

A great morning routine starts the night before. Prep clothes or lunch each night so you don't forget something.

Start slow — give yourself at least a week to get comfortable with your new routine.

Take Action

If you’re interested in creating a morning routine:

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