An average person ingests the amount of plastic equivalent to an entire credit card...Every. Single. Week.

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It happens because we're exposed to so many microplastics. Microplastics not only affect humans, they've also been found in fish, wildlife, and nature.

Learn ways to avoid microplasticsso you can help protect our planet, its animals, and your long-term health!

What are Microplastics?

They're tiny pieces of plastic that shed from items in our surroundings and end up in the air, dirt, ocean, and, eventually, our bodies.

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Microplastics are harmful to the planet, animals , and humans.

Fish and Shellfish

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Microplastics affect fertility and organ functioning in fish and shellfish.

Animals and Humans

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Recent studies indicate that microplastics may damage human and animal cells.

Common sources of microplastics include:

  • Paint 🎨

  • Makeup 💄

  • Beverage bottles 🧴

  • Clothing 👚

Finger with microplastics on it.

Ways to Avoid Microplastics at Home

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In the kitchen

  • Use glass or metal containers and mixing bowls instead of plastic ones

  • Never microwave food in plastic containers or takeout boxes

  • Avoid non-stick pans

  • Reduce your consumption of shellfish

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Home decor

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Personal care

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  • Purchase clothing made of natural fibers (wool, silk, hemp, cotton)

  • Use eco-friendly laundry detergent

  • Hang clothing to dry instead of using your dryer, when possible

  • When using the dryer, use laundry balls designed to collect microfibers

Ways to Avoid Microplastics Away from Home

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Eating out

  • Bring glass containers to the restaurant for your leftovers

  • Get takeout coffee in your own reusable non-plastic mug

  • Pass on the straw, or use a paper or metal one

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At the office

  • Bring soups and drinks in a thermos

  • Keep a plate, mug, and utensils in your desk drawer

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At the gym

Quiz: Clarice's Office

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Clarice just learned about microplastics and wants to talk with her employer about some easy ways to reduce plastics at the office.

What could she suggest? Select all that apply:

A. Switch to ceramic coffee mugs instead of styrofoam ones in the break room

B. Prohibit employees from bringing plastics into the building

C. No longer offer beverages in plastic bottles in the vending machine

D. Renovate all conference rooms by removing carpeting and installing wood flooring


Claire should select...

Take Action

Reducing microplastics in your daily life is pretty easy once you're aware of the best ways to avoid them.

Band together with your friends and family to start eliminating them from your environment!


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