You got a job! Even better, you landed a job in another country!

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Is your work permit visa in order?

What's A Work Permit Visa?

  • A visa is an official stamp in your passport authorizing you to travel, work, or study in that country for a specified length of time.

  • All countries, including the US, require a work permit visa for foreign workers.

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Start The Process

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  1. Refer to the country's government website (embassy or consulate) to determine the requirements needed to apply for a visa.

  2. Gather required documents.

  1. Obtain your job offer letter.

  2. Determine the fees needed to apply.

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Gather Required Documentation

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  • Passport valid for travel to the country you're travelling to

  • Nonimmigrant visa application (found on government/consulate website)

  • Application fee payment receipt if you're required to pay before your interview

  • Photo — make sure to adhere to the requirements on the website

  • Receipt number for your approved petition

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