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We all encounter problems focusing during independent work.

Working on your own for so long can get tiring!

How can you stay focused, productive, and interested?

Stay Focused And Productive

Here are some strategies to avoid distractions and noise when working alone:Flaticon Icon

  • Close non-work related apps and unnecessary browser tabs

  • Prioritize important tasks

  • Assign time slots to your tasks

  • Set a time to take a lunch break

  • Work in a different space every so often

  • Tidy up your workspace if it starts to get messy

  • Take 5-minute breaks

  • Have water nearby and drink it often

  • Stand up once in a while

  • Listen to relaxing music without lyrics

Stay Motivated And Interested

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To maintain your motivation and interest, look at the bigger picture:

  • Define your goals

  • Understand why you do what you do

  • Reflect on your accomplishments

  • Keep your inspiration close to you

  • Find fun ways to do your work

  • Reward yourself

Solve Problems

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Sometimes you may need to fix issues on your own. Follow these steps to turn yourself into a problem solver:

  1. Think positively — you can solve this!

  2. Clearly define the problem.

  3. Figure out the cause of the problem.

  4. Consider and evaluate possible solutions.

  5. Try one solution.

  6. If it doesn't work, revisit previous steps to see what went wrong.


Your computer is slow so you restart it but it still runs slowly. Which thought will get you closer to a solution?

"Do I have too many programs running?"

"Do I need to replace my computer?"

"Should I restart it again?"


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Make a plan to improve your independent work skills:


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