After what seems like an eternity in the dating game of swiping left or right, you are ready for the first date!

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While the prospect of meeting your online date sounds exciting, there's always a chance you might encounter an individual who not only lacks charm, but can also be dangerous.

How can you go on the date while staying safe?

Do Your Research

Before your first meetup, research your date.

Check their social media or perform a background check using online software.

Have mutual friends? Ask them for more information about your date.

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Provide Your Own Transportation

Provide your own transportation to and from the meetup location - grab a taxi, bike, or walk.

This gives you the freedom to leave the date when you are ready, and it prevents your date from knowing the location of your home too soon.

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Meet In A Public Location

Always meet your date in a public place like a restaurant, coffee house, or ice skating rink.

Choose a location that is quiet enough for the two of you to get to know each other, but there are plenty of other people around in case you begin to feel uncomfortable.

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Eric is planning a first date with a woman he met online, Jenna. Where should he recommend they meet?

Stay Sober

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Staying sober not only allows you to have a clear mind while getting to know your date, but it also allows you to stay sharp and perceptive in case things turn sour.

If you do plan to drink, do so in moderation.

Keep Loved Ones In The Loop

Fill someone in on your plans. This could your roommate, best friend, sister, dad - just make it someone you trust.

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Give them the time and location of your date.

Have them call or text you during the date to check in.

And don't forget to let them know you made it home safely afterwards!


Eric is enjoying Jenna's company at the local coffee shop and decides to invite her over to his place. Jenna's enjoying the date but isn't ready to go to Eric's. What would be a safe and appropriate response Jenna could provide?

Take Action

Now that you are ready for your first date, remember to:

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