When you encounter an unexpected problem, what do you do?

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Try the following 5 steps to help you solve any problems.

Define The Problem

Clearly state what the problem is and the goal you want to achieve.

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Problem: Your car battery died, and you have a job interview in the morning.

Goal: Get to the job interview on time.

Brainstorm Solutions

Make a list of possible solutions to achieve your goal.

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Ideas: walk, bike, rent a car, ask a friend to drive you, take the bus, fix the car.

Choose A Solution

Evaluate your solutions by considering factors such as time, cost, effort, or effectiveness.

Choose the best solution that meets your goal based on the factors you identified.

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Solution: Taking the bus will be cheaper than renting a car and faster than walking.

Implement Solution

Outline a plan of how you will implement the solution.

To help you visualize the plan, write down the steps you'll need to complete.

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Plan: Look up bus schedule, purchase bus ticket, get up early to catch bus.

Reflect On Results

Reflect on how well the solution met your goal to learn for next time.

  • Did you choose the right solution?

  • How can you improve next time?

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Results: You made it to the interview an hour early. Luckily there was a cafe next door where you could wait and practice your interview questions.


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Take Action

Try It!

Choose a problem or goal you need to achieve and work through the 5 problem solving steps.



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