Being steady as a rock is overrated.

Life isn't about standing in place: it's about going with the flow! 🏄

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Life Might Knock You Down

But resilience is not about being the last person standing.

Resilience is measured by a willingness to adapt and get back up after a setback.

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Be Flexible

No matter how harsh the climate, bamboo shoots bend with the breeze.

If they were to pull or resist they would snap in half. Their flexibility allows them to move in the direction of the wind, and avoid breaking. 🌬️

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Sarah has had a hard time adjusting to school and work changes during the pandemic lockdown. How could she respond?

Tend To Your Mental Garden

Resilience and flexibility are qualities that require effort to develop.

We can plant the seeds of personal growth through mindfulness: how we think about ourselves and the world around us.

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Tend to the garden in your mind without self-judgement to see these traits blossom. 🌺

Grow Like Bamboo

  1. Identify and acknowledge stress rather than seeing it as a bad thing.

    Experiencing some stress is actually beneficial: it is a source of motivation!

  2. Celebrate the small wins.

    Every step forward (no matter how small) is a step in the right direction.

  3. Give yourself grace.

    Progress is the goal, not perfection. 🌱

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Dylan studied all week for his first psychology test and received a C+. He was disappointed with his grade. What might you recommend that Dylan focus on?

Take Action

When you feel like you're hitting a wall be like bamboo: bend, don't break🎋

Think about a stressor you are currently experiencing:

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