Does hearing, "It's finals week!!!" make you panic? character freaking out with the words

Finals week can be a stressful time, but a little preparation can help you get through it.

A survival kit gives you less to worry about if you have everything you need nearby.

Study Supplies

carrying a stack of books

First things first, gather your textbooks, class notes, and favorite study supplies.

Make it fun with a splash of color:

  • Pen or pencil to make notes

  • Notebook or loose paper

  • Highlighters to mark up your notes

  • Index cards to make flash cards

  • Sticky notes to add notes to textbooks

  • Schedule to plan your study time

Food & Drinks

When you're in the zone, it can be easy to forget to eat or drink.

This can cause you to lose focus and energy.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and alert. drinking water

Try a little caffeine if you need an energy boost, but don't overdo it.


Keep easy-to-eat, healthy snacks nearby, like granola bars or fruit. holding a giant banana

Treat yourself to something sweet when you hit your goals.

cotton candy

Self Care

sitting in a bubble bath with words #Selfcare

Be sure to take breaks for self care. It will keep your mind sharp, reduce stress, and help you focus.

  • Stress ball for when you feel anxious

  • Bath bomb to take a relaxing bath

  • Music playlist to stay motivated

  • Face mask/ear plugs to help you nap

  • Medication to relieve headaches or other ailments


Which of these would you add to a study survival kit you're giving to a friend? (select all that apply)

Take Action

character in sweats sitting on a checkbox, holding a book and pencil, surrounded by study supplies

Get ready for finals week!


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