How many times have you heard "you're too old to understand" or "this was before your time"?

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Thankfully, there are a few simple strategies that can improve theefficiency, clarity, and quality of communicationbetween different generations at work.

Develop Generational Awareness

Be aware of how each generation (tends to) prefer to communicate: this is key to getting your message across!

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  • formal and direct

  • in-person, phone, or email

  • value background info

Millennials Flaticon Icon

  • authentic and fast

  • text, chat, email, or Instagram

  • value efficiency and digital-first approach

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  • informal and flexible

  • email, phone, or text

  • value professional etiquette

Gen Z Flaticon Icon

  • transparent and visual

  • face-to-face, Snapchat, FaceTime

  • value video and mobile-only approach

Tailor & Mirror Communication

Match the message to the channel.

  • Emails and chats are great for short announcements or news.

  • Video chat or in-person meetings are great for brainstorming or for discussing sensitive information.

When replying always try to mirror the communication channel. Replying by email to a DM, for example, breaks the communication flow.

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Michael is a Baby Boomer who just joined your team. Which method would likely be the best way to communicate with him?

Encourage Collaboration & Mentoring

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Despite the challenges, working with a multigenerational team can be a win-win if team members are open to learning from each other.

Generation Z and Millennials have grown up alongside the technology we use daily. Many have a knack for innovation and "making things work".

Generation X and Baby Boomers started working prior to such technology and may bring strong interpersonal skills that help teams gel.


Which questions might be good to ask when developing a team agreement regarding communication channels?

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