I am currently learning the French language all by myself, without a traditional teacher/tutor, just with the help of online resources.

I would like to share some tips I have learned on the ways with all of you who are thinking of learning French all by yourselves.

Bonjour french


First of all, start from the very basics, the alphabet! The French alphabet has most of the English alphabet letters and they're mostly pronounced the same way as in English.

But it is very important to remember which letters are pronounced differently.

Also, some letters can accommodate "accents". Accents change the intonation of the pronunciation of the particular letter.

There are so many helpful YouTube videos on these topics. However, my favorite YouTube channel is "Learn French with Alexa"


Which letter is pronounced the same way as in English?

Learn Some Basic Vocab

It is important to know some basic vocabulary before learning any grammar.

It could be how to say "Hello" (which is "Bonjour") or something like how to say "a cat".

The catch here is, nouns are given gender in French. Some nouns are masculine and some are feminine. So the articles, adjectives, etc. which are used with the noun, change with the gender of the noun.

It's nothing to worry about though, it will be much easier if you remember the noun with the correct form of the article at the time of learning it.


Which noun is masculine?

Be Careful With Grammar

In French, the sentence order goes as Subject + Verb + Object

Verb conjugation is the most important when it comes to grammar.

Start from the simple present tense.

When verbs are conjugated, we have to be very careful. The conjugated form changes with the gender of the noun and the whether the noun is singular or plural.

There are some patterns when it comes to conjugation and there are exceptions as well. It will be better if you learn one verb at a time and practice making sentences with it.


Which is not a category that a verb can fall into according to conjugation rules?

Take Action

Now that you know the basic outline when it comes to learning French, you can sign up with a free language learning app or find an online course that suits your pace and style!


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