It's normal to feel stress - you are not alone!

Stress is the way our bodies and minds respond to change or pressure caused by school, work, family or other daily tasks. You can also learn about how stress can impact your body and mind.

Research has shown that doing something creative can help.

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6 Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

Using Routine to Help Manage Your Stress

Here are four ways to help you feel better


Do you ever hear a song that makes you smile? It is said that music sooths the soul. Music can also heal the body, mind and spirit.

There are all sorts of ways that music makes you feel good...… Dance, sing, listen, and play.

All of these ways of enjoying music can help you feel better about any situation.

However you choose to enjoy music, I hope it makes your heart sing.


Spending time cooking is a great way you can reduce your stress and anxiety!

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Making food can be calming or meditative, allows you to take care of yourself and others, and you get to enjoy what you create right away.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Cook with a friend or family member. Does someone you know have a delicious meal they're known for? Ask them to teach you!

  • Feed others. Show your loved ones you care by cooking a meal for them.

  • Try something new. Pick up an ingredient you haven't used before or try a new recipe.


How does cooking reduce stress?

Get some alone time

Being by yourself - even for 10 minutes - can help you find calm when life is busy. When you feel out-of-control or have strong negative emotions, find a quiet place, and rest your mind.

Here are some things you can try in your "alone time"

  • Daydream - imagine something wonderful happening

  • Remember good things - focus on your happiest memories

  • Make a thankful list - write or say aloud all the things you are thankful for

  • Take deep breaths - focus on long and slow breaths and feel your body relax

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You can do any of these things, even when you're not alone, but it is easier to focus in a quiet space, so try to get away when you can.

Acts of Kindness

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Doing something nice for someone can help lower stress levels. Here are some easy examples:

  • Clean up a mess you didn't make

  • Make someone laugh

  • Share a toy

  • Smile all day

Try one of these ideas today and remember how it makes you feel the next time you are feeling stressed.


What is a benefit of an Act of Kindness?

Take Action

The next time you feel anxious and worried, now you know there are things you can to do to feel better.

Take a big breath, smile, and try something new!

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