What do the world's most influential companies have in common?

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They disrupted their industries by being customer-centric, rather than competitor-centric.

By focusing on customers needs, highlight their competitors' shortfalls and gain market share.

By taking the time to truly understand the needs of customers and think creatively about how to meet them, leading companies set themselves up to win.

Listen To Amazon's Founder Talk About Focusing On The Customer

(Video Timestamp: Sept 2018)

The Cycle Of Focusing On Customers Vs. Competitors

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By focusing on creating a strong customer experience, instead of being overly concerned with competitors; companies can experience higher levels of growth.

Great experiences drives more traffic to a business through word of mouth. More traffic leads to more sales, which ultimately gives you more resources to create an even better customer experience.


Which of the following is a customer focused approach to selling?

Take Action

Next time you talk to your customer or are thinking about growth strategies, try taking a step back and think about who your customer is, and what their true needs are.

Create profiles of your target audience. You can then work backwards and blow the competition away!


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