The recipe for achieving happiness has a lot of ingredients.

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Enthusiasm, or an intense feeling of excitement, is one of those ingredients.

When you are truly enthusiastic, you are ready to embrace your passions, regardless of what people think.

Enthusiasm And Confidence

Enthusiasm is just as important as confidence, if not more. Why?

Being excited about something is the first step to being confident!

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Plus, excitement is a positive force that is fun and rewarding to share with others.

Social Courage

Unbridled enthusiasm takes guts!

Sometimes, people are afraid to speak up about what they believe in — if you feel this way, remember that you are eager to speak out for a reason!

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This courage is contagious — you may inspire someone else to speak up too.

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Sally wants to implement a new social justice initiative at her company. What can she do to get her coworkers on board?

Enthusiasm Through Life

Stress and responsibilities sometimes overshadow what excites us.

If you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to find something to be enthusiastic about, like Julia Child! She inspired many people to take up cooking.

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By exemplifying enthusiasm, we shape what motivates us to work toward our goals.

Who knows? You might inspire someone to follow their passion, too!

Take Action

What are you enthusiastic about today?

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