A data analyst doesn't just see data everywhere.

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They enjoy taking raw data and turning it into useful knowledge based on the needs of their organization.

For example:

Where you might see a boring excel spreadsheet with numbers on how many burgers were sold by a fast food joint in a year...

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A data analyst might see trends in fruit and vegetable consumption among people throughout the year and use that to inform seasonal menu items!

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But What Does A Data Analyst Really Do Though?

If you want to get technical, the daily activities of a data analyst include:

  • Compiling Excel spreadsheets to organize data before analysis

  • Interpreting raw data and identify patterns

  • Using statistical tools and other software to combine and create specific solutions

  • Creating flowcharts, graphs, and dashboards to visualize data


If they only deal with data, are communication skills necessary?

Ok, But What Kind Of Jobs Can A Data Analyst Apply For?

Plenty! In fact, there's a growing need for data analysts as the world creates ridiculous amounts of data every second!

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Roles that a data analyst can apply for include:

  1. Data journalist

  2. Risk assessor

  3. Operations analyst

  1. Research assistant

  2. Business intelligence analyst

  3. Marketing analyst

What About The $ Amounts?

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In Canada, the average salary for data analysts is $57,357 CAD.

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In the U.S., the average salary for data analysts is $61,329 USD.

So Is It For Me?

Data analysis is not everyone's cup of tea. cup of tea illustration

Reconsider a career in data analysis if:

  • You can't fathom working at a computer all day

  • Numbers give you a headache

  • You're not detail-oriented

But, a career in data analysis might just be what you are looking for if you enjoy:

  • Solving problems

  • Shaping the future

  • Critical thinking

  • Working with raw data

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I like people watching at the mall and taking note of what people are doing. Is this a sign?

Take Action

If you think there's a number cruncher hidden in you, take the opportunity to bring them out and show off a world of data to process!

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