We experience so many challenges every day, and the way we react to the situations we find ourselves in might cause us to lose control, make others feel badly, and even make us feel badly about ourselves, too.

Understanding the differences between emotions and feelings is the first step to gaining control over our reactions, especially in stressful situations. So what do you say?

Would you like to gain more control over your emotional reactions?

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The Evolutionary Theory Of Emotion...

The first step to differentiating between emotions and feelings is to understand why we have emotions.

In this video, you will learn about the evolutionary theory of emotion. Our most basic emotions help us to survive and adapt to our environment.

“No emotion is stronger than maternal love but a mother may feel the deepest love for her helpless infant..." Charles Darwin, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals


After watching this video, which of the following would you say is not an emotion that helps people to survive?

The James - Lange Theory Of Emotion

The James-Lange theory of emotion explores how a stimulus can cause someone to experience a physiological reaction, followed by an emotion.


  • Stimulus: an external event that happens, which causes a physical response.

    stimuli (pl).

  • Physiological: relating to the way in which the bodies of living things work.


Imagine that a 4-year old girl named Jane saw a bunny rabbit. When Jane saw the bunny rabbit, she felt excited. She started to breathe faster and her pupils began to dilate. In this situation, what is the stimulus?

Differentiating Between Emotions And Feelings


Outcome: a result or effect of an action, situation, etc.

In this video you'll meet Ethan, and see how awareness is the key for him to be aware of his reactions and produce a better outcome.


Imagine that Tom has had a very busy day and is stressed out. When he is shopping for groceries, he sees a shopper run into his cart. It was an accident, but Tom is ready to yell at the shopper for his carelessness. What will help Tom gain control?

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