So, you're getting a job! But what kind of job should you apply for?

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A SWOT analysis will help you reflect on your skills and help you apply for the right jobs.

What Is A SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT analysis helps you consider all internal (Strengths & Weaknesses) and external (Opportunities & Threats) factors related to a job posting to help you decide if you should apply.

Try it!

Divide a sheet of paper into 4 squares. Label each square as follows:

  • Strengths(top left)

  • Weaknesses (top right)

  • Opportunities (bottom left)

  • Threats (bottom right)

4 squares - top 2 internal factors: Strengths and Weaknesses; bottom 2 external factors: Opportunities and Threats


Here's where you sing your own praises. What makes you great for this job?

good at stuff and things

List your strengths relevant to the job:

  • Skills

  • Abilities

  • Qualifications

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • Certifications


Check all the strengths you could list for a job as an Executive Assistant.


Now it's time to get real honest with yourself.

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In terms of the job requirements, ask yourself:

  • Where could you improve?

  • What could be a challenge?

  • What skills do you lack?

  • Where do you need more experience?

  • Can you only work limited hours?


Check all the weaknesses you could list for a job working at a clothing store.


These are external factors that can help you improve your chances of getting this job.

Consider resources, market trends, people you know, and anything else that can help.

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Ask yourself:

  • Can you take a free class or read a book to gain a relevant skill?

  • Where could you volunteer to gain additional experience?

  • Do you know someone who works at the company or in this type of job who can offer advice or a reference?

  • Are there lots of openings in your area for this type of job?


Check all the opportunities that could help you get a software engineer job.


Consider any external factors that put you at a disadvantage for getting this job.

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Threats can include:

  • Small job market for that job type

  • Applicants with more experience or unique skills

  • Internal applicants who already know the company culture and product

  • Your lack of some of the skills listed in the job description

  • Hidden biases of the hiring team

Should You Apply For The Job?

Take a look at your 4 lists.

Do you have more strengths and opportunities than weaknesses and threats?

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If you listed more weaknesses or threats, take a closer look.

How can you can improve your situation, through additional education or experience, before you apply for the job?

Take Action

Next time you're browsing job listings, use a SWOT analysis to decide if you'd be a good fit.

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