Is your organization innovative?

Or do you do the same old things in the same old ways?

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As an employee, you can play an active role in finding new sources, tools, techniques, and strategies to make your organization more cutting edge, competitive and innovative.

By doing this, you can influence those around you, over time creating a culture of dedication, productivity and foresight - all critical ingredients to being innovative!

What Is Organizational Culture?

The culture at your organization sets expectations for how people behave and how well they function as a team. Culture transforms organizations into teams.

There are three main components of organization culture:

  • Rules

  • Traditions

  • Personality

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The biggest obstacle to innovation is a lack of organizational resources.

Why Is Innovation Important?

Innovation helps us:

  • Improve upon existing ideas

  • Adapt to changing circumstances

  • See new opportunities

How Do We Get Employees To Innovate?

Ignore titles

  • Titles can sometimes intimidate employees and stop them from sharing ideas with people of 'higher ranks'

  • Adopt a policy of "Best idea wins" - no matter who came up with it!

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Reward new ideas

  • Rewarding a behaviour encourages more of the same

  • Reward new ideas with bonuses, gifts, or even a public "thank you"

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Ensure that employees see the BIG PICTURE

  • When employees understand the organization's vision and priorities, they are empowered to come up with creative solutions

  • This helps employees find how they can uniquely contribute

Take Action

As brilliant as you are, you alone can't be responsible for coming up with all the ideas at your organization. It takes an entire culture of innovation.

So, which of these strategies will you try this week to create a more innovative culture on your team? Byte Author Uploaded Image


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