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Cleaning can often seem like a daunting and never-ending task...

But believe it or not, a schedule can help to make keeping your house clean a whole lot easier!

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Here are a few tips to help you create a cleaning schedule that works for you.

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1. Make A List Of Tasks

Create a breakdown of your tasks. If you're not sure where to begin, start by walking around your apartment to create a list of chores that need to be completed.

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For Example:

If you're looking at your bedroom, a list of chores could look like this:

  1. Fold laundry

  2. Clean sheets

  3. Vacuum floors

  4. Tidy up side table

You can also break down your tasks based on cleaning frequency. For example: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks

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Depending on where you spend most of your time, it's a good idea to prioritize which areas need to be cleaned on a more regular basis.

Sometimes areas that you spend more time in can get messy a lot faster. Or maybe you'd like to keep specific areas of your home clean for your own needs or enjoyment — for example, your study space or living room.

3. Pick A Routine That Works Best For You

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Do you prefer to tidy up a bit each day? Or do have the most energy tackling your house chores all at once? Pick a routine that works with your existing schedules and best suits your individual cleaning style.

4. Create A Schedule

Create a schedule based on your preferred routine and cleaning style.

For example, if you prefer to clean a little bit each day, your schedule could look something like this:

A weekly cleaning schedule & chore list

If you prefer to tackle large sections of your home at once, you may decide to allot certain days to specific areas of your home.

5. Set Goals To Stick To Your Schedule

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Turning your schedule into a routine and habit takes time, and once you've stuck to your schedule for some time, it gets a lot easier. Set goals for yourself to stick to your schedule for a few weeks, and remember to reward yourself to keep up your motivation.

6. Remember That It Takes Time

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It can take time to find a routine and schedule that works best for you. Don't be hard on yourself if you don't stick to your current schedule, or forget to complete a task.

You might need to re-evalaute your schedule if you find things aren't quite working out. Try out different methods and schedules until you find one that works best, and then keep at it!

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