Does anyone actually love their commute to school?

Three young people walk onto a bus.

Commuting can be time-consuming and boring.

Long commutes mean less sleep, more stress, and lower grades. That ends now!

Repurpose your commute time and reduce your stress, increase your grades, and take a nap or two when you get a chance. You deserve it.

1. Headphone powers activate!

Your headphones bring music to your ears. Literally. But they can do more than that.

A man sitting on a train is wearing his headphones and working on his laptop and outside his window two  men fight

  • Listen to audio versions of textbooks and other readings.

  • Listen to podcasts relevant to your studies.

  • Record and rewatch lectures on the run.

Any option you choose will save you time later in the day, and that's time you could use for some much needed rest and relaxation.

2. Next stop: Reviewland

A young woman catches a textbook. Words on the screen say

Studying. You're probably drowning in it.

Use your commute to study and review.

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  • If you'll be sitting, highlight and review your notes, read, or look over your assignments.

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  • If you'll be standing, use audiobooks or listen to a recorded lecture or two.

Remember, every little bit helps, and all the little bits will add up to save you time later.

3. Connect with classmates and instructors

A man in a construction hardhat says,

Use your commute to catch up with your classmates and professors.

  • Begin networking on LinkedIn.

  • Email your classmates to set up study sessions.

  • Email your professors with questions.

  • Post on discussion boards.

4. Make a list, and check it twice!

Someone named John is making a to-do list on his phone

You're probably realizing that with great freedom comes great responsibility. That's right. It's time for you to keep track of your assignments, laundry, groceries...EVERYTHING.

Use your commute time to make your to-do list.

  • Go old fashioned and jot it down in a notebook, or use one of many productivity apps.

  • Start small. What do you have to do today? Once that's done, figure out what you have to do this week and beyond.

So, what's #1 today?

5. Stay healthy

South Park characters waiting for the school bus with the words

Commutes can be stressful. Traffic and missed busses can lead to more stress and less time for self-care. It's time to change that.

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  • If you own a bike, ride to school as much as you can.

  • Bring healthy snacks to munch on.

  • Drink plenty of water.

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  • If you use transit, download a guided meditation app and use your commute to meditate.

  • Get off at an earlier stop and walk.

Exercise and meditation reduce stress and keep you healthy. Meditation 101 can tell you all about it!


It's finals time! How should Alex use their commute time this week?

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