FACT: 20% of college students don't drink alcohol.

Are you one of them, or do you want to be? Take heart! ❤️ Having fun and remaining sober are not mutually exclusive!

A car chooses between two paths on a highway: drink alcohol or have fun and stay sober.

1. Join A Club

There are lots of clubs you can join on campus, and you can be assured that the focus won't be on alcohol.

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Here's a sampling of club categories from a small liberal arts college in the Northeastern U.S. This one small school has more than 70 clubs!

  • Academic

  • Leadership

  • Club Sports

  • Performance

  • Service

  • Cultural

  • Media

  • Political

  • The Arts

  • Religious

If you don't find a club you like, your school will probably let you start a new one!

See Nobody Cares meme: He started his own club! Everybody wants to join.

2. Visit The City

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Chances are your college sponsors weekend outings to nearby cities for activities like:

  • Scenic tours

  • Foodie events

  • Museums

  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • Theatre

  • Ball games

  • On-your-own adventures

Check with your Student Services office to see what's available.

OMG we had a lot of fun membe. Woman looking happy and excited.

3. Host An Alcohol-Free Gathering

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Take things into your own hands and invite people over for:

  • Brunch

  • Watch party

  • Barbecue

  • Dinner

  • Game night

  • Pot-luck dinner

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Serve non-alcoholic beverages and perhaps test out your cooking skills to (hopefully) wow your guests with great food!

Not sure how to cook? Check out some dorm-friendly cooking ideas.

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Jo wants to stay sober but it's difficult with all the parties on campus. What could they do instead?

4. Volunteer For A Good Cause

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You can gain deep satisfaction by volunteering for causes you care about.

Check with your college or the town/city website to learn about service opportunities.

  • Big Brother/Big Sister

  • Foodbank volunteer

  • Environmental causes

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Holiday gift drive

  • Leading campus tours for prospective students

Success Kid meme: Volunteered, Had a Blast.

5. Get Outside

Flaticon Icon Do you enjoy the outdoors? Try these healthy and fun activities:

  • Hiking

  • Skiing

  • Relaxing at the beach

  • Kayaking

  • Playing frisbee, soccer, or Spikeball

Rugged man chopping wood GIF. No alcohol? No fun? Think again!

Take Action

Participating in these activities will help you find a friend group that has similar values and interests. Soon you'll be surrounded by like-minded people who support your decision to remain sober.

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