Have you recently been at the beach or around your local park and seen groups of people running around a net, spiking a yellow ball into it?

Welcome to the world of Spikeball!

Wondering what it is and how you play it?

Four players playing Spikeball at a campground.

What Is Spikeball?

Spikeball (also known as Roundnet) is a net sport with rules similar to volleyball.

Most commonly played by 2 teams of 2 players, points are scored by spiking the ball into the net so that the other team can't return it.

Basic Rules

Ready to play? Here are the basics:

  • get a Spikeball kit with a 12-inch ball and a round net

  • determine a serving order

  • to start, the designated receiver takes position around the net and the server lines up 180 degrees across

  • serving positions rotate ninety degrees every five points

  • all players must begin 6 feet away from the net except the designated receiver

  • once the server strikes the ball, players can move to any position

  • each team is allowed 3 touches per possession and must alternate players for each touch

Spikeball net and ball

Scoring Points

First team to score 21 points wins! Either team can win points once the ball is in play.

You win points if the ball:

  • hits the ground

  • is not returned to the net within 3 touches

  • directly hits the rim

  • bounces and hits rim or net again

  • rolls across the net

Spikeball bouncing back and hitting woman

At the end of the point:

  • if receiving team wins the point — next player in serving order serves

  • if serving team wins the point — server switches position with their partner and serves to other team's receiving member

Game Scenario

Alright, let's see if you get the rules!

  • Flaticon Icon You're the designated receiver for this point.

  • You receive the ball and bump it (touch 1).

  • The ball doesn't go in the intended direction.

  • You run and set it up (touch 2) for your teammate.

  • Your teammate spikes it into the net (touch 3).


In the above scenario, who gets the point?

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You're all set to play Spikeball! Excited yet?


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