What makes someone a good leader?

Do the following characteristics come to mind?

  • Extroverted

  • Talkative

  • Decisive

  • Ambitious

If you're not extroverted yourself, you may think being in a leadership position is something you're just not cut out for.

But you'd be wrong. Introverts make great leaders! Angry Season 4 GIF by The Office

Introverts Are Problem-Solvers

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Introverts have more gray matter in their prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for abstract thinking and making decisions.

More gray matter gives introverts the edge on problem-solving!

Introverts Tend To Be Internally Motivated

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The reward system in an introvert's brain is wired differently!

Introverts tend to be motivated by work quality and productivity rather than by wealth or climbing the social ladder.

Introverts Build Authentic Connections

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The quality of connections is very important to an introvert. They take time to get to know people and build deep relationships.

This characteristic drives introverts to be in-tune with other team members or clients and responsive to their needs.

Introverts Maintain Focus

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An introverted leader is often able to stay focused and lead their team by example. That focus will help carry a team to the finish line, even when the going gets tough!

Introverts Avoid Micromanaging

Introverted leaders listen to their team members and encourage them to run with their good ideas.

The leader is ready to offer input and guidance, but avoids interfering as long as the project is moving forward.

What Would You Do?

Alex is an introvert thinking about applying for a managerial position. She sometimes feel self-conscious about her leadership abilities and worries if she's management material.

A young man with brown hair asking what would you do?


What might you say to help Alex?

Take Action

Remember, introverts make great leaders because they tend to:

  • be great problem-solvers

  • be internally motivated

  • build meaningful connections

  • stay focused and help their team do the same

  • support team members and avoid micromanaging

Are you an introvert interested in a leadership position?


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