Does your workgroup look something like this?

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Remote work can make it challenging to feel like a cohesive group. Developing a strong virtual team can lead to more happiness and success for all of you!

1. Meet Regularly

Many remote workers report feeling isolated. Scheduling regular team meetings helps tackle this problem.

Provide opportunities for team members to express themselves during meetings.

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Smaller groups:

Start each meeting with a check-in. Give everyone a chance to:

  • Say how things are going for them

  • Share personal updates and/or photos

Larger groups:

  • Utilize the chat feature so everyone can participate

  • Use breakout rooms for small group discussion

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These strategies help team members form personal connections.


How often do you think that virtual teams should meet?

Once a month

Once a day

It depends

Once a week

2. Be Friendly

Employees who have friendly relationships with their coworkers are more engaged and less likely to leave.

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  • Pair up new hires with a mentor/buddy

  • Set up social communication channels for random posts like funny memes, vacation photos, favorite meals, etc.

  • Schedule virtual coffee hours for chatting

  • Establish clubs based on similar interests

These are just a few ideas. Brainstorm other ways to connect with your colleagues!

Work Friendships are the Best: Change My Mind


Which of these would be a good club or activity idea for remote workers?

Book club

Lunchtime yoga

Language lessons

All of these

3. Use Tech Tools

Communication helps foster strong teams. Use technology to make it happen!

Explore these top communications and planning apps.

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  • Slack— An alternative to email, Slack helps team members communicate directly.

  • Google ChatFreetool for direct and group messaging.

  • Discord— Includes multiple channels for communicating, including audio and video. Also free!

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  •— Helps teams plan and manage their workflow while working on all kinds of projects.

  • ClickUp — A comprehensive tool that allows teams to chat, manage timelines, and assign tasks. It even includes a mind mapping tool!

Video conferencing

Flaticon IconYou know about Zoom, but other popular options include Skype, Teams, Cisco WebEx, Big Blue Button, and GoToMeeting.

4. Plan Special Events

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, but it can be hard to replicate in-person celebrations and perks when you're in different places and time zones. Getting creative is key!

Team CelebrationsFlaticon IconTake time to recognize birthdays, promotions, and team accomplishments such as meeting project goals.

Walk and TalkFlaticon IconSchedule in times when your team goes for walks while discussing work or just chatting. Add an extra layer of fun by using your phone cameras so that people can see each other's local area.

Tasting PartyFlaticon IconFlaticon Icon

Send special treats to your team and get together at the same time to taste them and just have fun!

Take Action

Remote work is here to stay, and it's important to foster personal connections in order to keep your team strong.

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