From food delivery apps to online meetings, almost every aspect of our lives involves some form of digital technology.

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With the abundance of technology introduced to us everyday, it may seem daunting to even get started.

But with a few strategies, and some practice and dedication, you'll become comfortable adopting new technologies in no time!

Become A Student

Just like you learn any other skill for the first time, you must approach new technologies with the mindset of a student.

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This means being:

  • Open to learning new ideas

  • Willing to make an effort

  • Okay with “messing up”

Look For Gaps

Sometimes, it can be difficult to learn new technology if you don't feel the need to learn it.

So understanding how a certain type of technology can meet your needs or solve your problems is a must.

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Are you a manager wanting to implement a new clock-in clock-out system? Or are you just trying to book a vacation, learn a new skill, or borrow an e-book from the library?

Look for gaps in your life that technology could potentially fill or lessen. More often than not, the technology you're looking for already exists!


After choosing the technology you'd like to learn, consult articles or videos for a brief orientation.

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Then, after you have a general idea of how it works, spend some time exploring it on your own.

Having the freedom to explore the technology's different features will help train you to find essential functions yourself or even discover patterns among technologies.

The Internet Is Your Best Friend

After exploring, you're bound to have questions. This is where Google, YouTube, and the rest of the Internet come into play.

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  • YouTube: Watching videos that cover step-by-step tutorials can help you get a better idea of the technology.

  • Help Centers: Help centers offered by the creators of the products themselves provide helpful articles and answers to FAQs.

  • Forums: There's probably at least one person who has already encountered the same problem as you and posted it on spaces like Quora or Reddit. Look through the different responses and experiences to find answers.


You want to pick up a hobby in graphic design, so you need to learn how to use graphic design software. What should you do?

Take Action

Using these strategies, you can become more comfortable adopting new technology!

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