Picture this: while walking downtown you hear a saxophone player creating magic with their instrument.

GIF showing two saxophone players and a singer jamming on the streets.

If their performance leaves you feeling inspired to learn the instrument, then signing up for saxophone lessons is a good first step!

But then maybe you're torn between feelings of excitement and nervousness.

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There are ways to lessen those nerves before your first saxophone lesson. 

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Tip #1: Determine the Type of Lessons You're Going Into


  • Typically one-on-one

  • Can be in-person or online

  • Cost varies based on teacher and/or organization

  • Typically either 30 or 60 minutes

  • 1-2 times a week

Man plays saxophone with people online.

Public School

  • Mid-to-large group settings

  • In a school

  • Free (potential small fees)

  • Roughly 60-75 minutes (varies from school to school)

  • 5 days a week

Lisa Simpson Plays saxophone (jazz) in her band class

Tip #2: Come Prepared

Would you go to the beach without sunscreen or enter an exam without a pencil? NO!

Showing up to your first saxophone lesson with the materials you need will allow your lesson to go smoothly and ultimately make you a stronger musician.

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✅ Be prepared to have the following:

  • A pencil and eraser

  • Your saxophone (ideally in a carrying case)

  • A reed, ligature, and mouthpiece

  • A metronome app

  • A beginner method book

Image of a mouthpiece, reed, and ligature.

Vibrations create sound. The strings on the guitar, the head of a drum, and our vocal cords all vibrate in order to produce sounds.

On the saxophone, it is the reed that vibrates against the mouthpiece. Held together by the ligature, sound is produced with these 3 parts and the saxophone amplifies these sounds. Flaticon Icon

You do NOT need the most expensive instrument to sound good! As you start off it is best to buy/rent a student model saxophone.

Tip #3: Stay Positive

Do you know why it is so impressive to watch professional musicians? Do you wonder how they can make really challenging music seem easy?

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It is because they've spent years developing their skills.

But remember, they started in the same spot as you: fumbling around just figuring out how to hold the instrument let alone play it!

Jimmy Fallon plays air saxophone

Remember the following:

✅ Be open to constructive feedback from your teacher

✅ Be kind to yourself as growth may be slow at first

Ask questions so you can grow

Tip #4: Listen to the best

Start listening to saxophone players from various genres so you can begin to think about where you want to end up long-term.

This also helps you grow a strong musical ear and develops your tone faster!

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Below are a few examples with their genres:

  • Branford Marsalis (jazz and classical)

  • Charlie Parker (jazz)

  • Jess Gillam (classical)

  • Amy Dickson (classical)

  • Grace Kelly (hip hop)

  • Leo Pellegrino (hip hop)

⚡Test your knowledge!

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Anthony is entering his first saxophone lesson and has the following with him: his saxophone in a case, a pencil and eraser, a reed, a mouthpiece, a metronome, and a growth mindset.


What is Anthony missing?

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