Getting bored of the same old games and conversations on video calls?

Here are some game night ideas for your next online party!

Video call with multiple people

Host A Trivia Night

Trivia night can bring some competitive fun to your online party. All you need is:

  1. Trivia questions (Google is your best friend for this!)

  2. A visual way of sharing your questions (PowerPoint, Canva)

  3. Teams or individual players

  4. Score tracker

Choose themes to organize your questions like Marvel movies, outer space, food history, etc.

A woman saying,

Scavenger Hunting

Pikachu looking through a magnifying glass

Get your friends and family moving with a fun scavenger hunt. All you need is:

  1. Ideas for common (or uncommon!) items to hunt for

  2. Teams or individual players

  3. Score tracker

Make your questions creative for added fun like "Who has the most number of wristwatches in their house?"

Players can share their finds on their webcam or post pictures to the chat.

Play Pictionary

Show off your inner Picasso with a game (or two!) of Pictionary. All you need is:

  1. Drawing clues

  2. Virtual whiteboard where all players can annotate/draw (Whiteboard Fox , Zoom , Teams )

  3. Teams or individual players

  4. Score tracker

Share clues with the drawer using the private message chat function in most video call platforms.

Sloth playing pictionary

Online Game Websites

A virtual call where people are playing an augmented reality game

Many websites have game packages (free/for sale) that you can play using phones/tablets or right from a browser:

  • Jackbox Games

  • Tabletopia

  • Drawize

Remember to let your group know in advance what devices are required to play the games!

Take Action

You're all set to bring some competitive fun to your next online party! Don't forget to:

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