Do you find it odd that you study for hours but your grades aren't getting better?

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This shows you need to study smarter!

By studying smart, you may cut down on your study time, improve your grades, and spend more time doing what you love.

Use these 3 smart study techniques to enjoy all these benefits.

  1. Adopt an active learning approach

  2. Select a suitable study environment

  3. Manage your time

⚙ Adopt an active learning approach

Flaticon Icon 🤔 What is active learning?

It's a method where you engage in a process of learning to:

🎯 Think and reflect — address problems through role-plays and simulations

🎯 Discuss — explain concepts in your own words

🎯 Research — collect and analyze data

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🤷‍♀️ Why should you adopt active learning?

It can help you retain as much as 70+% of the information you learn for up to two years.

Your exam performance is more likely to improve with active learning, which can raise your average grade by as much as half a letter grade.

Flaticon Icon ▶ Check out this video to see what experts say about adopting the active learning process.

🛠 How to use active learning for studying

Apply these easy study hacks in your study cycle to achieve your academic goals more quickly and with less stress.

Active learning study hacks: step1-preview, step2-attend class, step3-review, step4-study, and step5-check

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1️⃣ Preview

Sort information according to its importance

Do pre-class reading of the sorted information

2️⃣ Attend class

Write notes in the class

Discuss with your peers or ask your teacher questions if you find any concept difficult

3️⃣ Review

➡ Create graphic organizers of the concepts learned, preferably within 24 hours

4️⃣ Study

Choose study strategies like spaced repetition, 80/20 rule, and SQ3R techniques based on what you need to learn

5️⃣ Check

Ask yourself if you can teach the concept to others


Meet Rishaan

Flaticon Icon He is studying to be a doctor. He types lecture notes from his bioethics class in the comment section of the presentation document the professor shares with the class.

After a month in class, he has difficulty understanding important class material when studying for his mid-term exam.


What active learning methods would help Rishaan improve his understanding of class material? Select all that apply.

⚙ Select a suitable study environment

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🤔 What is a study environment?

Your study environment involves physical and social factors that impact your learning. It can include:

🔲 Location — library, coffee shop, studying at home

🔲 Study preference — self versus group

🔲 Surroundings — noise, light, color

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🤷‍♀️ Why should you select a suitable study environment?

A suitable study environment encourages you to take a more in-depth active learning approach.

If your study environment suits you, your academic performance and other learning outcomes may improve.

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▶ Check out the video below to see how the different factors of the study environment affect your learning.

🛠 How to select the right study environment

Three students are seen chuckling noticing something on their laptops. There is a large bookshelf to their left.

➡ If you have distractions at home or live with a roommate, choose a coffee shop or a library to study.

➡ If you're struggling with a complex topic, work in small groups of two to three people to support your learning by using the Feynman technique.

➡ If you can set up your study place, especially at home, choose:

🔹 A calming color (yellow, for example) for your decor

🔹 A quiet area (calm background music may help for some people)

🔹 A well-lit study space or natural light

⚙ Manage your time

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🤔 What is time management?

It's the art of dividing your time between all of your tasks so that you can complete them effectively, even under pressure.

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🤷‍♀️ Why should you manage your time?

Studies show there's a strong correlation between higher grades and effective time management.

✔ Time management helps you complete your assignments on time.

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🛠 How to manage time

▶ Check out the video below to learn four simple tips to manage your time for studying.

Take Action

Study smart, not hard!

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