Did you know the average adult spends nearly two and a half hours on social media every single day? It's safe to say a good portion of your day is spent exploring, connecting, and sharing on social media.

A social media aggregator is a terrific tool that a business can use to collect images and videos from several social media platforms into a digital library. With the correct permissions, you can use this media to propel your marketing!

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Why Use A Social Media Aggregator?

Social media aggregators are especially useful when marketers lack the time or resources to create original content for their marketing. It’s a simple way to access real-time, authentic imagery from fans, influencers, and customers alike, who are most beneficial to your business. 

The benefits:

  • Generate buzz about your business

  • Build community and trust

  • Access real-life testimonials to your product

  • Highlight your customers' opinions

  • Build momentum and engage a global audience

"69% of people have some form of social media account. Consumers are 83% more likely to trust peers over the brand itself".

What Type Of Social Media Content Can You Aggregate?

While there are many different types of aggregators that exist, social media aggregators concentrate on images and video!

Typically, this media is aggregated (or gathered) from various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest through:

  • User accounts

  • Hashtags

  • Pages 

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Where Can You Use These Images And Videos?

Once you've received the rights to re-share an image or video from its original creator, you're ready to include it in channels such as:

  1. A website feed.

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  1. Reposting on your brand's social media accounts.

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  1. In a physical space (e.g. a screen at an event). Flaticon Icon

  1. In a magazine or guide.

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  1. In printed collateral (e.g. billboard).

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Kayla wants to open an online store to sell her homemade hairbands. She gifted a hairband to her best friend Elise. Elise took a photo wearing the hairband and posted it to Instagram. Can Kayla use this photo?

How Do I Know Which Aggregator Tool Is Right For Me?

There are many aggregators available today, ranging from free website plugins to more robust software suites. You’ll want to ask yourself:

  1. What is your budget? Try out a free version first to test the waters (like Curator)

  2. What type of content? There may be an aggregator that specializes in your business industry and unique needs.

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A Social Media Aggregator Powered Project

Destination Canada used CrowdRiff (a social media aggregator tool built for travel brands) to source user-generated content to power their Found in Canada ad campaign.

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