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You've been wearing masks in public for so long.

Maybe it feels strange to be in a public place without one, even if you're no longer required to.

So why wear a mask if you don't have to?

Medical Reasons To Wear A Mask

According to the experts, COVID-19 will be with us for a long time.

Even if you've been vaccinated, you can still wear a mask because of:

👉 Variants: current and future COVID-19 variants could be resistant to vaccines and still cause infections.

👉 Breakthrough infections: vaccines aren't always 100% effective — even people who've been vaccinated can get COVID-19 and give it to others.

👉 Asymptomatic infection: you can still pass on infections even if you don't have symptoms.

👉 Social Responsibility: you'll help protectpeople who can't get vaccines for medical reasons.

Wearing is caring

Non-COVID-Related Reasons To Wear A Mask

Masks have been used by the medical community and the general public for a very long time. Some of the other reasons you might want to wear a mask are:

🤒 To reduce exposure to common illnesses like the flu and common cold.

👿 To head off other airborne illnesses that might sneak up on us (like COVID did).

👶 To prevent unknowingly spreading these germs to others (like elders or children).

Environmental Reasons To Wear A Mask

You might wear a mask to:

🏭 protect yourself from air pollution and smog

pollution Photo by hidefumi ohmichi on Unsplash

🤧 reduce the effects of allergies Lisa Simpson sneezes

What To Know If You Decide To Keep Wearing A Mask

👽 Mask-wearing at this point may be seen as "strange" by others.

🤣 You may experience teasing or even harassment from those opposed to mask-wearing in public.

🚫 Some jurisdictions may have a ban on face coverings outside of pandemic reasons.

❓ You may be asked to explain your reasons for wearing a mask when you don't "have to".

👀 Be situationally aware and prepare to assert your right to protect yourself and others.

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Mask Cover GIF by MOODMAN Whether it's personal, medical, or environmental, there are good reasons to wear a mask.


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