Are you interested in learning programming languages? Some good examples of programming languages are Java, Python, C++, SQL, and Javascript.

What's stopping you from learning to code?

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The list of programming languages is quite long. No worries, I'll help you find the languages that fit your interest and goals based on my background in computer engineering and my former experience as a web developer.

Why Learning to Code in a Programming Language?

Learning to code in a programing language can assist you to advance in your tech career. It can help you to understand how the tech sector works, increase your digital literacy, and develop your creativity and problem-solving skills.

What are some of the most popular programming languages?

Top 10 programming languages for 2022 according to Next. See the audio player below for a detailed explanation.

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Some of these languages are used for specific purposes, but others can be used for a variety of applications. ✍️

A good way to decide what programming language to learn is to think of the different areas in tech in which the language is used. 💡

What Are Front-end Languages?

These languages are used to build the parts of a website the user sees and interacts with. They are used to take care of the look and feel and the interactivity of the site.

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What are the most popular front-end languages?

HTML logo Icon HTML (Hypertext Markup Language):

  • HTML is used to create the structure of web pages on the World Wide Web (www).

CSS lpgo Icon CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

  • CSS serves to apply styles to web pages. It helps simplify the work to make a web page presentable.

JavaScript logo Icon JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is used to add interactivity to the website. With JavaScript, you can create interactive websites, build web and mobile applications, and design browser games.

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I'd recommend learning a front-end language if you're interested in graphic design and user experience (UX)/user interface (UI) design.

What Are Back-end Languages?

These languages manage the data used by the application: the arrangement, storage, and treatment of the data. The user doesn't directly interact with this part of the software.

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What are some popular back-end languages?

Java logo Icon Java:

  • Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It's used to build Android apps, web and desktop applications, and more.

  • It's an Object Oriented Programming (OOP)language.

Python logo Icon Python:

  • Python is used in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science. Python is also an OOP language.

  • It's considered easy to learn, comes with extensive learning and support resources, and it's growing in popularity.

C++ logo Icon C++:

  • C++ is used in the development of games, operative systems, browsers, and apps. It's also used in competitive programming.

  • Like Java and Python, C++ is an OOP language.

C logo Icon C:

  • C is used to create system applications. Operating systems such as Windows and Linux are written using a lot of C programming. C is also used to make games and graphics.

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I'd recommend learning back-end languages if you enjoy problem-solving challenges and enjoy logical thinking.

Are There Other Options to Add to the List?

There are other languages that can be also of your interest.

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Some examples are:

SQL Icon SQL (Structured Query Language):

  • SQL is a domain-specific language used to manage the data stored in a database management system (DBMS). It's the most used database language.

  • Music apps such as Spotify, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the banking app Revolut use SQL to process their stored data.

Go Icon Go:

  • Go is an open-source programming language designed by Google. It's a general-purpose language.

  • Go is used in web applications, cloud platforms, and data processing.

  • It's one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It's considered simple and easy to learn.

Mobile device Icon Kotlin:

  • Kotlin is a multiplatform programming language, used for iOS and Android app development. It's a Google-sponsored programming language to develop Android apps.

  • It's considered very easy to learn for beginners.

Swirft programming language logo Icon Swift:

  • Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. It's used to create apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.  

  • It's considered easy to learn and implement. It's also safe and runs fast.

What Else Do You Need to Consider?

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Here are some factors you need to consider to decide what programming language(s) to learn:

Learning curve Icon The learning curve:

  • Choose a language that suits your level of expertise. Learning how to code can be a bit intimidating if you're new to programming. It requires time and effort. Some languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript are considered easy to learn for beginners.

Community Icon The learning community:

  • Ask programmers about their opinions about languages and find learning resources and people that will help your learning process. Some languages have big and active communities of developers willing to share their knowledge.

Interest, Like, hashtag Icon Your likes, interests, and career goals:

  • Think of yourself. Are you interested in web development? Do you prefer to build mobile apps? Do you want to start working in the AI field? Answering these types of questions will help your decision.

Crystal sphere - future Icon The future:

  • Research how the future of the programming language might look. Some languages lose relevance with the advancement of technology while others become more popular.

Test Your Knowledge ⚡

Meet Ann and Oscar. They want to learn a programming language to launch their tech careers.

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  • She's very good at solving complex logic problems.

  • She likes to know how things work.

  • She has no experience in coding.

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  • He likes the arts.

  • He has an eye for design.

  • He has already learned a little bit of HTML.


What programming languages would you recommend they learn?

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