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CV as a rocket ship With such a small time window you might be wondering, "Do I need a cover letter anyway?"

The answer isn't that simple...

Woman sitting in a chair, caption: It depends You'll need to consider different factors before you add a cover letter to your job application.

Connect The Dots

Sometimes the position that you're applying to and your current situation don't have a direct connection.

Zendaya saying: Connect the dots, people Add a cover letter if you're:

  • transitioning to another career.

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  • trying to relocate.

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  • explaining a gap in your resume.

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There's no particular place in your resume to explain this information, so adding a cover letter would give you the chance to go into more detail.

Your Job Title Doesn't Match Responsibilities

So you've been:

✅ going the extra mile.

✅ taking on challenging assignments.

✅ growing your portfolio.


But in your resume, you're still stuck with that "Assistant" title.

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The reality is that you're doing so much more!

This is exactly the kind of situation that you want to explain in a cover letter.

Show them that you're ready for that next step!

You Have Ties To The Company

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  • Were you referred to the job?

  • Do you know someone who works there?

  • Did you do your internship there?

It's important to mention connections you have to the company in your cover letter. It shows that you have a good understanding of the company and its work.


Which situations would you include in your cover letter?

When Not To Use A Cover Letter

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Skip the cover letter if:

  • you don't have time to complete one.

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  • it's better to have no cover letter than submit a bad one.

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  • your resume is self-explanatory.

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  • there's no way to upload one.

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  • the employer specifically requests no cover letter.

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Matilda wants to apply to a job opening that doesn't specifically ask for a cover letter. She has a strong resume without gaps, and her current role title is directly related to the new position. Should she write a cover letter?

Scenario: The Best Cover Letter Option

You saw a great job opening and you want to apply. You know you meet the qualifications for the job but your current title isn't directly related to the job.


What should you do?

A. Write a cover letter explaining how you're qualified for the job.

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B. Write a cover letter explaining your links to the organization.

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C. Write a standard cover letter.

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D. Don't write a cover letter at all.

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Choose the best option

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