Working from home means you have a lot more freedom, right?!

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But, when you’re concentrating on your work you might forget to take breaks or not know when to take them without designated hours.

Why You Should Take Breaks

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Taking breaks can have a lot of benefits that you might not be aware of:

  • Gives your body a chance to recharge

  • Reduces cognitive load

  • Less likely to decrease in energy throughout the day

  • Boosts productivity

  • Reduces risk of decision fatigue

  • Leads to better sleep

Take A Break When You Experience This

If you're unsure of when to take a break, your body will probably let you know!

Tired dog Take a break if you're experiencing any of the following situations :

  • You start lacking focus

  • Your eyes are tired/feel strained

  • You feel hungry close to mealtime

  • Your kid(s)/pet(s) need interaction

Apply your knowledge to these scenarios:

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Carissa was beginning her workday when her friend suddenly called her to chat about their day.

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Steven has been working since early in the morning and his eyes feel strained from staring at the computer for so long.

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Hans worked past his usual lunch break because of a deadline. He's thinking about taking a break to eat since he's finished with his urgent work.

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Anne has been working on a project for several hours and is facing writer's block. She's thinking about taking a break to clear her head.


Who's in a scenario where it's appropriate to take a break?

Break Activity Examples

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The easiest way to make sure you're taking enough breaks is to find activities that get you excited to take a break.

  • Hobbies unrelated to work (e.g. if you’re an accountant, consider reading a fun book)

  • Take a walk

  • Interact with your kid(s)/pet(s)

  • Chat with a friend

  • Grab a snack

Communicate Breaks To Your Colleagues

If your break is during a time where a deadline is coming up, give your colleagues a heads up that you are about to take a short break.

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This is so that they don’t interrupt your break or wait on you for an answer to an issue when you’re not available.

Stay Flexible!

Don’t hold yourself to a super detailed schedule

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Give yourself space to adjust your schedule according to your day. Set overall goals during your day, such as a specific number of breaks rather than planning the exact time blocks for breaks.

Closely tying your workday to a hard plan will only cause you more stress!

Take Action

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It's time to take your break, so try out these tips:


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