Happy, professional looking young man wearing white dress shirt and dark jacket thinking about job interview zoom background. Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

Jeremy just scored a job interview!

He wants to make a good impression, so he's prepared by:

  • Researching the company

  • Practicing answers to interview questions

  • Selecting a business casual outfit

Job interview zoom background. A woman pointing at herself and saying,

He's ready! But wait...the interview is remote, and he isn't sure what type of Zoom background to use.

Help him decide to choose a job interview Zoom background!

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So Many Job Interview Zoom Background Choices

There are lots of Zoom background screens available, and you might already have a favorite. But your go-to background might not be quite right for an interview.

When selecting the right Zoom background, the #1 tip you should follow is to avoid distractions.

A bougie woman saying,

Background Basics for a Zoom Interview

David from Schitts Creek saying,

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Select job interview Zoom backgrounds that are:

  • Simple

  • Neutral

  • Professional

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Avoid job interview Zoom backgrounds that:

  • Are too busy

  • Make it appear as if you already have the job (such as the company's logo)

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Help Jeremy Decide

Jeremy has an interview for a position as a veterinarian assistant. 🐱 Which of these backgrounds would be the better choice to use during his interview?

1. Cute Dogs

Zoom screen with cute puppy dogs and paws all over a blue background.

2. Gray with plant

Plain gray Zoom background with plant peeking out at bottom right corner.


Which Zoom background should Jeremy use?

Is a Real Background Ok?

It depends.

Many experts recommend using a real background so the interviewer can get a glimpse into your life and space. But beware:

Pooh regular vs tuxedo with text Messy Background, Professional Background

IRL backgrounds that work well

  • Solid color wall with tasteful art

  • Bookcase with professional titles

  • Tidy work area

  • Plants

  • A few personal items are ok, but look at them critically before including them

Young woman saying,

IRL backgrounds to avoid

  • Busy wallpaper

  • Your bed

  • Messy workspace

  • Anything that could give the interviewer a bad impression of you

  • Family members 🤣

    Business man being interviewed and with kid in background, baby in walker scooting in through door.

If in doubt, lightly blur your background.

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⚡Help Jeremy Decide 2.0

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Jeremy is a college student and lives in a dorm with 3 roommates.


Which type of Zoom background is the right choice for him?

Take Action

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As you prepare for your Zoom interview:


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