Do you use the terms "team" and "group" interchangeably? You're not alone, who thinks there is no difference between group and team!

So, what's the difference between a group and a team? It may come as a surprise to learn that there is actually a difference and making the distinction is important!

So What's The Difference Between Group and Team?

A team is composed of members who are linked by one or more common goals and shared accountability.

Teamwork makes the dream work: difference between group and team All for one, and one for all!

A group is a collection of individuals who each contribute and interact with each other to achieve a larger goal.

group members act as individuals: difference between group and team Let's get the job done!

Group vs Team: What Differentiates These Two?

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Flaticon Icon: group vs team Qualities of a team

  • Can have multiple or rotating leaders

  • Team members share responsibility for the final outcome

  • Focus is achieving collective goals

  • Members contribute to collective work products

  • The team discusses a problem, decides on a solution, and works on the solution collectively

  • Team members are interdependent

Flaticon Icon: group vs team Qualities of a group

  • Has only one designated leader

  • Group members do not share responsibility for the final outcome

  • Focus is achieving individual goals

  • Members produce individual work products

  • The group discusses a problem, decides on a solution, and delegates tasks to individual group members

  • Group members are independent


You are a fashion designer and you have a project where you need to design 5 outfits for a runway show, 3 outfits for special guests of your design house and an outfit for yourself for the final walk. Which of these will serve you best?

The Difference Between a Group and a Team: Similarities

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Qualities of both teams and groups

  • At least 2 people

  • Members need to interact

  • Thrive with face-to-face interaction

  • Focus on the achievement of an objective

  • Need leadership to operate

  • Are built on a foundation of sharing of information and resources

Both are valuable and necessary depending on the situation at hand!


A _____ is a collection of people working to achieve a goal.

Take Action

This could be you and your group or team: You can win championships with either a group or a team!!!

Challenge yourself, and identify the difference between group vs team! The next time you need to work with others to solve a problem or achieve something:


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