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Self-confidence, at its most simple, is believing in yourself in spite of day-to-day challenges. 💪

Self-Confidence Exists On A Spectrum

Like all personal qualities, it's possible to have too much or too little self-confidence.

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Low self-confidence looks like:

  • Behaving or acting based on what others think.

  • Staying with what is "safe" and familiar to avoid failure.

  • Covering up your mistakes.

  • Depending on others to validate your accomplishments.

Overconfidence looks like:

  • Being stubborn and disregarding others' ideas.

  • Positioning yourself as better than others.

  • Placing blame on others for mistakes.

  • Bragging about your qualities and achievements.

But you can find a happy medium!

  • Balance considering others' perspectives with your own.

  • Recognize and articulate your strengths.

  • Take risks and go the extra mile for better results.

  • Admit your mistakes and learn from them.

Benefits Of Self Confidence

By prioritizing your self-confidence, you'll also impact other parts of your life!

Flaticon Icon Better performance: When you feel confident you tend to put your best foot forward and have more energy for pushing to the best of your abilities.

Flaticon Icon Healthy relationships: Self-confidence gives you the strength to walk away from unhealthy relationships. Flaticon Icon Openness to trying new things: When you feel confident, you are willing to take more risks because you do not fear failure, but rather view it as a learning experience.

Flaticon Icon Resilience: Self-confidence enhances your ability to be resilient in the face of any challenge.


Amina misses out on a promotion at work because she was away due to a long illness. Her self-confidence is shaken. Which strategies should she follow to help build her confidence back up?

Build Your Self-Confidence

Stop comparing yourself to others: Save your energy and focus on your personal growth!

Surround yourself with positive people: They have the power to impact your thoughts and feelings towards yourself.

Take care of your physical and mental health: Self-care makes a big difference in how we feel about ourselves and feeds our energy level.

Practice positive self-talk: One of the quickest ways you can give yourself a confidence boost! Switch a negative statement for a positive one to have an instant impact.


Justina has a job interview and as she arrives she sees a former classmate who always came first in class. What can she do to build her self-confidence right in the moment?

Take Action

Keep jumping those confidence challenges daily!

An athlete jumping over hurdles Developing self-confidence is a process. It takes time to build, develop and maintain. No matter how self-confident you are there will still be tough days.

Challenge yourself this week to:


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