Personal effectiveness is about reaching your full potential by making efficient use of all resources at your disposal to achieve personal and professional goals.

Read on for the components that make up personal effectiveness and identify if you are maximizing your personal effectiveness!


Ownership is all about taking initiative and moving forward on your own accord!

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Own it end-to-end: Take full responsibility for successes and failures.

Discover stated and unstated needs: In addition to doing what is expected of you, anticipate how else you could be most helpful to the team, organization, or project group as a whole.

Be result-oriented: Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. Don't let the details stop you from starting!


Execution is about getting things done from start to finish.

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Work with a sense of urgency: Deliver work as efficiently as possible and keep to deadlines, while not sacrificing the quality of the work.

Work with purpose: Remember the bigger picture. Why are you doing this? Come back to your focus to ensure that your priorities are aligned with your finish line.

Strive for perfection: Keep your standards high and assess the quality of work as you go.


Sheila has to create a marketing campaign for a summer festival in the first weekend of July. She presents a campaign on the 25th of June for an event at the festival. What Execution components did Sheila miss?


Discipline is about staying the course even when things get tough.

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Perform risk assessments: Prepare and plan for unexpected and worst-case scenarios so if they arise you are prepared.

Practice proactive communication: Seek out and share information in a timely manner.

Employ multi-tasking: Use your knowledge of the bigger picture to delegate and prioritize tasks. What tasks can you work on while waiting to hear back about another?


Which of these are direct effects of high personal effectiveness?

Learning Agility

Learning agility is the act of continuous growth.

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Be curious: Question everything and keep an open mind. You never know where the best ideas could come from!

Explore: Trying out a new way might lead to a better outcome or a lesson for next time.

Be open to ambiguity: Change is the only constant you can be sure of, so get comfortable with the unknown!

How Can You Tell If You Exhibit Personal Effectiveness?

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Determination: You don't quit until the job is done.

Optimism: You actually believe in the job and that it will be completed.

Persistence: You don't see failure and obstacles as the end of the road but rather as a vehicle to move forward.

Planning: You have a plan in place to maximize the use of your time.

Self-Motivation: You feel compelled to complete the job for your personal actualization rather than for an external reward.

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Where will you apply personal effectiveness in your life?

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