Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step in your life!

You’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with having your very own place and you can get to decorate it the way you want.

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Before you get carried away buying dozens of throw pillows, you'll need to know the essential things to include in your first apartment checklist.

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✅ Do It

Lease Agreement

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The landlord or management should provide you with a lease agreement.

Read it carefully and ask for clarification before signing it. This agreement outlines the conditions for the lease and can protect you.

Make sure to get a copy of the lease for yourself.


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Want to take a bath in your new apartment? Or turn on the lights in the evening? These services are called utilities.

Check your lease agreement and talk to your landlord about whether or not these services are included or if you'll have to set them up yourself:

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Heating/Cooling

  • Internet

  • Cable TV


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Find renter's/tenant insurance before you move in. This insurance will protect you and your belongings.

Read this Byte to learn how you can choose the right tenant insurance.


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Contact all the people and organizations who need to be informed of your address change.

  • Bank and credit card company

  • Driver's license

  • Your employer

  • Subscription services

✅ Plan It

Congratulations! You've taken care of the paperwork and can now move on to the more exciting stuff on your first apartment checklist.

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Depending on your living arrangements, you might need to purchase some furniture and household items.

Shopping is always fun, but first:

  • Think about your needs before your wants

  • Make a list of all the items you need

  • Set a budget for yourself

Who's Ready for their First Apartment?

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  • Moving in with a friend

  • Has all of his clothes packed and ready to go

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  • Moving into her own apartment

  • Sets up internet, cable, utilities, and insurance

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  • Moving in with a roommate

  • Signs all the papers

  • Starts shopping

Flaticon Icon Feng

  • Moving into his own apartment

  • Sets up his internet and cable

  • Makes a shopping list


Who is most ready for their first apartment?

✅ Find It

Finally, just before hitting the stores:

  • Check if there’s any furniture that comes with the apartment

  • Find items that you may already have or that friends/family can give you

And now...

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  • Bed and mattress

  • Couches and chairs

  • Coffee table

  • Side table

  • Dining table

  • Desk/Workspace

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Cleaning Supplies

  • Vacuum or broom

  • Mop

  • Cleaning products

  • Detergent (dish and laundry)

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Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Pots and pans

  • Utensils

  • Cutting boards

  • Plates and cups

  • Shower curtain

  • Garbage cans

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First Aid/Safety

  • Fire extinguisher and smoke detector

  • First aid kit

  • Digital thermometer

  • Pain relief

Use this detailed first apartment checklist to help you!

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