Are you experiencing:

  • fatigue despite a good night's rest?

  • swollen gums or bleeding teeth?

  • weakening night vision?

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Watch out!

You could be suffering from vitamin deficiencies.

If left unchecked, these symptoms could develop into serious health conditions that might disrupt your regular lifestyle.

What Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are organic compounds or micronutrients that our bodies need to function properly.

The 13 essential vitamins are A, C, D, E, K and 8 kinds of vitamin B.

These can be divided into 2 types:


Vitamin C and all 8 kinds of Vitamin B are excreted in urine, so they cannot be stored in the body for too long.

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This means they need to be replaced more often than other vitamins.


Vitamins A, D, E and K are absorbed through the intestinal tract with the help of fats.

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They stay in the body for days and even months, so pay attention to how much of them you consume so you don't overdose!

Our bodies can't make enough vitamins on their own, so we need to help out!

Luckily, the 13 essential vitamins are readily available in natural foods. Eat a variety of fresh foods to make sure you're getting enough of what you need.

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Which of the following statements is potentially harmful to your health?

Vitamin Deficiencies And How To Avoid Them

A vitamin deficiency occurs when your body lacks enough of a certain vitamin to function properly.

Deficiencies can lead to severe problems!

The best way to get your essential vitamins is through a wide variety of fresh foods from the five food groups:

  1. Fruits and vegetables

  2. Whole grain bread and cereals

  3. Dairy or vegan-dairy alternatives

  4. Protein foods

  5. Heart-healthy fats

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The key is to eat different foods to get a good mix of vitamins through your diet.

This leads to a generally healthy lifestyle and keeps those deficiencies away.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiencies can range from simple dry skin patches to complex brain disorder functions, so it's important not to self-diagnose!

Consult a health professional before you arrive at any conclusions or make any drastic changes in your lifestyle or diet.


You notice in the last 2 weeks you've been feeling drowsy at work and your bones hurt in a way you can't describe or understand. What should you do?

Vitamin Supplements

Although experts agree that a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to get your daily vitamins, health practitioners might prescribe vitamin supplements in the following conditions:

  • You are pregnant or trying to conceive

  • You are on a diet that restricts certain foods, such as dairy-free or vegan regimes

  • You have a poor appetite or are elderly

  • You have a heavy period and have anemia

  • You are unable to get sufficient vitamins in your diet due to any other reason

Take Action

Now that you know more about vitamins:

Sometimes supplements may be necessary, but eating a nutritious, balanced diet is the best way to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

This will boost your health now and in times to come!

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