If you're attending a Pride event, you'll see so many awesome colored flags around.

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Do you actuallyknow what they mean and who they represent and celebrate?

Increase your awareness to support the cause by learning more about popular Pride flags!

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1. The Rainbow Flag

The most popular Pride flag and is what many associate with Pride and the LGBTQ+ community.

Rainblow flag

  • It was designed by Gilbert Baker and was first launched in San Francisco in June 1978. After the assassination of activist Harvey Milk (Baker's friend and inspiration for the flag) in late 1978, demand for the flag increased and it's been popular ever since .

  • Each color on the flag represents what was then the LGBT movement:

❤️ red = life

🧡 orange = healing

💛 yellow = sunlight

💚 green = nature

💙 blue = harmony

💜 purple = spirit

GIF of the rainbow flag with words showing what each color means

2. The Progress Pride Flag

This is an inclusive flag that represents the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Image of the Progress Pride flag

The world's changed a lot since 1978, so it's only natural that the rainbow flag has also developed over the years.

The latest 2021 redesign was created by Valentino Vecchietti and launched by the Intersex Equality Rights UK group.

What do the extra colors mean and when were they added?



Brown and black ​​stripes represent people of color.



Pink, pale blue, and white stripes represent the transgender community.



A purple circle against a yellow background represents the intersex community.

Animated GIF showing intersex flag

3. Community Flags

More than 50 pride flags exist within the LGBTQ+ community.

Each one celebrates the range of sexual orientations and gender identities that exist today.

Check out the pride flags of some popular communities and what their colors represent:

Lesbian flag

Lesbian flag

🧡 oranges: gender non-conformity, independence, community

🤍 white: unique relationships to womanhood

💗 pinks: serenity and peace, love and sex, femininity

Bisexual flag

Bisexual flag

💗 pinks: same-gender attraction

💜 purple: attraction to all genders

💙 blues: different gender attraction

Non-binary flag

Non-binary flag

💛 yellow: genders outside of the binary

🤍 white: all or many genders

💜 purple: mix of female and male genders

🖤 black: identify without a gender

Transgender flag

Transgender flag

💙 blue: traditional color for baby boys

💗 pink: traditional color for baby girls

🤍 white: represents "those who are intersex, transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender"

Asexual flag

Asexual flag

🖤 black: asexuality

🖤🤍 grey: the area between sexuality and asexuality

🤍 white: sexuality

💜 purple: community

Pansexual flag

Pansexual flag

💗 pink: women

💛 yellow: nonbinary and gender-nonconforming

💙 blue: men

🤔 Time For A Knowledge Check!

🏳️‍🌈 Flag 1 :

Flag with 7 stripes - black, grey, white, green, white, grey, black

🏳️‍🌈 Flag 2 :

Flag with yellow background and purple circle

🏳️‍🌈 Flag 4 :

Flag with 3 stripes - purple, white, green

🏳️‍🌈 Flag 3 :

Flag with 6 stripes - alternating black and white with an upside down V coloured in the rainbow stripes


Rubin is excited to attend their first Pride event soon. They would like to wear the intersex flag at a Pride event.

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Can you help Rubin out by identifying which flag from above represents intersex people?

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