Eve has come to know themselves as bisexual and feels ready to share this part of themselves with their loved ones but isn't sure how.

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If you find yourself in a similar situation to Eve, then deciding if you're ready to take the big leap and come out is the next goal on your journey.

Taking the steps to come out safely and comfortably will help you make that decision.

Ask yourself: Who are you coming out for?

Coming out is an experience filled with emotions that becomes a core memory and a pivotal moment in your life.

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Helpful thoughts to have before coming out:

  • "I'm ready to live my authentic life."

  • "I'm tired of hiding who I am."

  • "I want to share my identity with my loved ones."

  • "I understand that I get to own my coming out experience."

  • "I'm coming out because I want to and I'm ready."

Consider: The hopes & horrors of online stories

Self-disclosure is the act of one person (in this case you) sharing information about themselves to someone else.

LGBTQ+ people have been sharing their coming out stories online since the dawn of the internet.

You've likely already seen these stories on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Lady with white hair holds up a tablet asking As you explore the wide range of coming out stories online, you'll likely come across two types of stories: horror and hopeful.

Each story will be unique (like yours!) and there are 3 key takeaways:

  1. Horror stories remind us of the need for a strong safety plan.

  2. Hopeful stories remind us that it does get better.

  3. When combining the two, you can see that every story is different and you can't expect yours to be exactly like someone else's.

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Safety First!

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for your rights likely long before you were born! The community has come a looooooong way making the world a safer place for LGBTQ+ folks.

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Unfortunately, there's still work that needs to be done, which means having a safety plan is still very important.

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Eve is preparing to come out to their friend Alex. Select all the actions Eve should take to help them come out safely.

Ways of coming out


  • More intimate

  • Allows you to tailor your tone/vocabulary to your listener Flaticon Icon

Large Gatherings

  • Allows you to have allies by your side

  • More of a public place if you feel safety is a larger concern with 1 person

  • Come out to more faster Flaticon Icon

Online Post

  • Reaches a larger audience in a shorter timeframe

  • Can be pinned for new followers to see

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Combination of the 3 + Other

  • Your own creative style

  • Cater to your needs

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Eve has a diverse, intimate social circle where each person may react very differently to the news. Eve wants to individualize the experience to cater to the diverse group. Which method should Eve use when coming out?

Safety Resources

If you're experiencing a crisis, see the resources below, visit the emergency department of the nearest hospital, or dial your local emergency service number.

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The Trevor Project

  • (866) 488-7386

  • Provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services LGBTQ people ages 13-24.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans Youthline

  • (1-800-268-9688)

  • Ages 26 and under

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