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Karl Marx died in the UK in 1883, but workers rights are alive & well in Canada in the 21st Century!

Your safety, pay, and human rights in the workplace are protected by law.

Do you know your rights?

Health & Safety

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You have 3 basic health & safety rights:

  1. know about any health & safety hazards on the job

  2. help make your workplace safer

  3. say no to unsafe work

No one can make you do something that will cause you harm!


Which of these is an example of a safe work request?

Pay Protections

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Your employer must pay you at least minimum wage for hourly work.

Your employer can also deduct (or take away)some money from each paycheque, but only for:

  • income taxes & union dues

  • pension plans & employment insurance

  • health insurance & other benefits

You might also get some paid time off for illness & vacations if you qualify for it.

Human Rights

Jordi Laforge from Star Trek says no to discrimination and yes to equity.

Your workplace should be free from:

  • discrimination, harassment, & bullying

  • sexism, racism, ageism, & ableism

  • gender discrimination & sexual harassment

You can take legal action against your workplace if it can't guarantee these protections.


Eli is at his first warehouse job. What kind of behaviour infringes on his rights?

Take Action

If you think your employers or other people in your workplace infringe on any of your rights as an employee:

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