Remembering names is very important to networking & relationship building.

Forgetting someone's name can be awkward and send them a negative message.

This Byte will give you tips for remembering names, and advice on how to recover if you forget someone's name.

Tips To Remember Names

1. Meet and repeat.

When you first learn someone's name, repeat it right away. For example, if a woman introduces herself as Sasha, say, "Hi, Sasha, nice to meet you."

Use their name in the conversation. When saying goodbye, be sure to use their name one last time.

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2. Spell it out.

Asking someone to spell their name, especially if it's unusual, can help you to remember it.

You may also write down their name or ask for a business card.

As soon as you can, write it down or add the person to your contacts with a few pieces of information about them that will help you remember who they are.

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It can be helpful to associate someone's name with another word or image. This could include an alliteration with something about them, like "Bridget plays basketball".

You can also picture an image that sounds like the person's name. For example, say you meet someone named Carl with big ears. You could imagine a car coming out of their ears.

Flaticon Icon 4. Make connections.

You can connect the person you've met with someone else you know with the same name. It could be someone you know personally, or a famous person.

Flaticon Icon 5. Choose to care.

It is important to focus on remembering the person's name. The first step to remembering someone's name is to make the conscious decision that you are going to remember it.

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What To Do If You Forget Someone's Name

If you forget someone's name - it's okay! Here are some strategies if you do forget someone's name.

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  • Ask them to put their number and name in your phone

  • Ask for their email address

    Many people have their name within their email address, which may help you to recall their name.

  • Ask a friend to remind you of their name

  • Ask them how to spell their name

  • Ask for their business card

  • End the conversation by reminding them of your name

    You could say "It was great meeting you. My name is ______. Can you remind me again of your name?"

  • Be honest

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to apologetically tell them that you forgot their name, and ask for it again. Keep in mind, this is probably okay if you've met the person once. But if you've met them many times, things might get awkward.

Take Action

The first step to forming a new relationship or networking is remembering someone's name.

With some focus and effort, you can perfect the skill of remembering people's names.

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