I know, those 8 AM classes have you looking like this in bed....

But don't worry!

Read on to find some helpful tips you can use for online learning.

Time Management

With online learning, you're able to set your own timings. But in order to get all your work done efficiently, you're going to need to make a schedule.

Useful Apps

Google Tasks

-> This app syncs with your google account, and is available on your computer and phone. You can create tasks with a deadline, and you can add/check off from any device once logged in! I personally love using this since I can check my to-do list whenever I need it.

Written List

-> Some people prefer having a physical list because it gives them a sense of accomplishment when they check things off (I am one of those people).

-> For written lists, the use of color, or highlighters, and different types of pens/markers is a good idea so that you are able to visually see the importance of tasks.

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Getting Enough SLEEP

Are you SUPER tired when you wake up first thing in the morning?

Hide the Pain Harold

In order to wake yourself up, try having a glass of water when you wake up.

Benefits of drinking water in the morning:

  1. Gets you refreshed and wakes you up

  2. Fuels your brain (our brain is made up of 75% water, you already know water is important!)

  3. Helps you drink water the rest of the day

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You can also...

Sleep Earlier

Yeah I know that this is a very cliche tip. But seriously, it actually helps! Get your 8 hours of sleep, and it'll help you be more attentive in class.

Change Clothes

Again yeah I KNOW, no one is going to see you because you have your camera off. But it makes a difference! Don't stay in your pjs, TRUST ME. It just makes you want to go back to bed!

Focusing In Class

Is it hard to take notes while the teacher is talking?

Try to get down as much as you can! Also ask your teacher for recordings of the class (if they haven't already posted it, or haven't been recording). If that's the case, try suggesting to record lessons!

Are you scrolling on TikTok again?

If not TikTok, was it Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter?? Whatever it was, it made you distracted didn't it 😑


I'll keep it with me, but I won't go on it.

Nope. Definitely put your phone in the other room to avoid getting distracted.

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