When you see a job description and you review it, the goal is to submit a resume that will get you an interview. However, you cannot submit a standard resume for every job that you apply to. You must adjust your resume for each job based on the job description.

Most job descriptions are a brief synopsis on what will be done in a particular role. However, you do not need to know how to do all of the requirements. The goal is to apply your transferable skills to the listed requirements so that you can meet as many of them as you can.

Tailoring your Resume

The best way to customize your resume is to use actual keywords that are used in the job description. The mission is to share what you can do for the company while making your resume keyword rich.

When your document is full of relevant keywords, it will be able to pass digital screening. For Example: If the job description says that "you must display active listening skills," then you should add a bullet that relates to active listening. You could list in on your resume like this: Displayed active listening in all meetings with supervisors and upper division administrators.


Keywords are very important when it comes to applying for jobs. You want to be clear on the job that you want and keywords are the best way to do this. Which key word should you include in your resume when applying for this job?

Take Action

Once you have added those specific keywords, then you can proofread it and submit it for a job posting. It's also helpful to use this same resume when you speak to a colleague or a friend that works at that company so that they can take your resume to the hiring manager.

If you want the job, you need to stand out from other applicants. Tailoring your resume shows that you're paying attention.

Pick one job posting that you've been looking at. Go through and pick out 5 keywords that seem very important to the job. Now, make a version of your resume with these keywords. Good luck!

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